Our Honeymoon

It’s almost the weekend again and after a very busy week at work we were reminiscing about our Honeymoon! Two years ago we decided to go to Italy for our honeymoon. We spent two weeks there which allowed us to visit Rome, Florence and Venice – a dream trip for us.

At this stage we weren’t earning a huge amount of money. One of us was a student working part time for a charity, and the other working in their first office job, so we had to save and plan carefully to make sure it was special but also budget friendly – we always say this stage in our life helped us realize the value of money.

To find our flights we always use Skyscanner, this website is brilliant for finding the cheapest option and we regularly use it when we have a bit of time off but haven’t booked anything to find the best deals.

For accommodation on this trip we used Airbnb, this was our first time ever using this platform for holiday accommodation. We found it really easy to navigate the website to book our ideal home from home and all of our hosts were great. We stayed in apartments in all three cities near the tourist hot spots and they were all clean and comfortable! Check out our comparison on Hotels Versus Airbnb!

To get between the three cities we took trains. We booked these a few months in advance which allowed us to get a really good rate. We were a bit nervous about travelling across a country we didn’t know by train but we found the trains in Italy to be really easy to navigate and comfortable to use.

We are going to write a short piece on each of our stops during our honeymoon trip over the next few weeks and hopefully get the chance to finish our Causeway Coast series!

Until then stay safe and keep planning the next adventure!

Brianna and Iain.

Opening up Again!

Things have been a bit slow on our blog lately – between busy work schedules and establishments still being closed. The good news is that here in Northern Ireland the lockdown is slowly starting to be lifted. This weekend is a big step in the lifting of restrictions with bars, cafes and hotels reopening again, we can’t wait to get out although we will maybe wait a week or two till it dies down a bit!

With the shops opening up again in Belfast we got to go shopping over the weekend, and even with the miserable weather on Saturday the streets were busier than we’d seen them in a long time. The city is starting to buzz with life again, and you can see that businesses are starting to prepare for the big reopening.

A wet day in Belfast

In the meantime, we have been planning our travels for the future. It’s looking very unlikely that we are going to be cruising in September and so we have set our sights on other destinations. We might get away to Poland with our friends and we have talked about doing a “staycation” and exploring more of Ireland!

A Photo from our last Stay-cation

Further into the future we have booked a cruise for next summer around the Norwegian Fjords, and we have also been looking at exploring some of Eastern Europe with city breaks, and perhaps a trip to Asia in future – Thailand being a destination we have heard some great reports about.

So Beautiful!

Until then stay safe and keep planning the next adventure!

Brianna and Iain.