Our top buys of 2020 to date!

Hello Everyone! As most of our travel plans have been curtailed this year we have found ourselves with a bit more extra money to make purchases. Here are our top purchases of the year and why! We also want to advise that this post contains affiliate links so any purchases you make we will receive a small commission.


We finally took the plunge and decided to start our blog in May, we both have decent smart phones but we really wanted something that could capture the details – especially with our great Irish Landscapes.

We saved up some money for this purchase and read reviews online, in the end we decided to go for a Nikon D3300 that we got second hand at MPB.com

So far this has been a great purchase, it joins us on all our travels and has got us some great captures for our blog and instagram.

Instant Pot

We both work pretty long hours due to our professions and are always looking for ways to make things easier around the house. After recommendations from friends and watching some YouTube reviews we took the plunge and bought an Instant Pot. This has to be one of the best purchases we have made, we use it pretty much daily to make curries, stews and soups. It has also got us exploring vegetarian/vegan meals with lentils and beans.

The big plus for us with the Instant Pot is we literally come in from work throw our ingredients in, set the time and go get washed or laundry etc and your dinner is ready in around an hour- We regulalry use cheaper cuts of meat that take longer to cook and they come out super tender!

Coffee Machine

Another purchase we made for our house is a filter coffee machine with timer, we both enjoy our coffee and would regularly get a delivery from Hasbean. We always got up in the morning and used our Aeropress but the convenience of setting a time on our machine at night and waking up to freshly brewed coffee is brilliant.

Robot Hoover

Most recently we took the plunge and bought a Robot Hoover, we opted for the Amazon Basics model as it was only £99 and we thought we can upgrade in future if needed. Our Hoover – now named Trevor, arrived two weeks ago – we have it based in our hallway and it comes with a remote control for its different cleaning settings.

Every morning we come down, have our coffee and send him off on auto mode, being a basic model it does struggle navigating sometimes but it has done a great job so far and manages to keep our floors really clean! This model also has sensors to detect drops as we discovered when we first let it loose at the top of the stairs and stood ready to catch it! We are completely sold on Robot Hoovers now!

Craft Gin Club

We have now received a couple of boxes from the Craft Gin Club and have really enjoyed what we received, they always come with a range of goodies and ideas –

Referral link for £16 off first box.

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We also keep an Eye on Flavourly for offers on their Craft beers, we have got a couple of boxes this year for around £30 for 24 beers. We enjoy trying the variety of beers from Brewers that we would never see in Ireland. However, we don’t think their monthly subscription is really value for money compared to just getting beers locally.

Naked Wines

On the recommendation of a colleague we signed up to Naked Wines, our initial order was 6 bottles for £30. We received a mixture of red and white wines and they were really nice. Naked Wines allow you to deposit each month into their “piggy bank” which you can then spend on their wines, if you do this you also receive a discount. We are currently making deposits and are going to spend it before Christmas to stock up instead of getting our normal supermarket wines.

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Thursday’s Special – Pick A Word

We were looking forward to Paula’s Thursday Special again and seen she had posted again when coming home from our staycation! Last months contribution can be found here.

The words this time are LUNAR (because of mid-Autumn festival )

VOLTE FACE (cause of so many meanings )

SOARING (cause it lends itself to a number of possible photographic interpretations)

REPOSING (cause I really need a rest)


IMPREGNABLE (cause it is a cool word )

Lunar – This one is from when Iain had to travel to Edmonton, Canada with work – this scaled down moon was travelling the world!

Volte Face – Well we learned a new word this week! A couple of shots from our visit to Benone Strand.

Soaring – High up in the Mourne Mountains!

Reposing – A view from one of the most relaxing places we have been.

Impregnable – The walls of Dubrovnik Old Town, that was a seriously warm day!

Thanks for reading, stay safe and keep planning the next adventure!

Brianna and Iain


Hello everyone, today we are participating in Pick a Word Paula’s Thursday Special. We discovered this after reading Mari’s contribution here, which talks about an amazing looking festival at Forlimpopuli in Italy. Check them out their blogs are worth a read!

The words that Paula has gave us to attach photos to are as follows:

ESTIVAL (cause it is still summer)

CUISINE (cause we all have to eat)

RIFT (cause it lends itself to a number of possible interpretations)

INSTRUCTIVE (cause we are being given tons of instructions lately)


SPAN (cause I am reaching out to you again, trying to bridge time and obstacles)

The Killers
757Food in Belfast
The waterfall walk at Glenariff
Instructions at Coppi Belfast
A rainbow spanning the sky

We decided to go with Northern Ireland for this one, first we have The Killers at Belsonic festival.

Next we have a meal at Bootleggers Belfast.

Then the river cutting a rift through the Glens of Antrim.

Instructions for our first post-lockdown meal.

Finally a rainbow spanning the sky at Ballygally Castle where we had our wedding reception.

Can’t wait to see what the next Thursday special will entail!

Until then, stay safe and keep planning the next adventure!

Brianna and Iain