Hello everyone, today we are participating in Pick a Word Paula’s Thursday Special. We discovered this after reading Mari’s contribution here, which talks about an amazing looking festival at Forlimpopuli in Italy. Check them out their blogs are worth a read!

The words that Paula has gave us to attach photos to are as follows:

ESTIVAL (cause it is still summer)

CUISINE (cause we all have to eat)

RIFT (cause it lends itself to a number of possible interpretations)

INSTRUCTIVE (cause we are being given tons of instructions lately)


SPAN (cause I am reaching out to you again, trying to bridge time and obstacles)

The Killers
757Food in Belfast
The waterfall walk at Glenariff
Instructions at Coppi Belfast
A rainbow spanning the sky

We decided to go with Northern Ireland for this one, first we have The Killers at Belsonic festival.

Next we have a meal at Bootleggers Belfast.

Then the river cutting a rift through the Glens of Antrim.

Instructions for our first post-lockdown meal.

Finally a rainbow spanning the sky at Ballygally Castle where we had our wedding reception.

Can’t wait to see what the next Thursday special will entail!

Until then, stay safe and keep planning the next adventure!

Brianna and Iain