Experiences We’d Like to Try

In today’s post we’re going to talk about some of the experiences we’d love to try out. They range from food and drink ones, high thrills, sporting and cultural events, and what the natural world has to offer. Here’s a list of just some of the things we’d love to experience:

Food and drink:

Go on a wine tasting tour

Go on a food tour 

Go to a proper sushi bar in Japan

Visit a top cocktail bar

High thrills:

Sky diving

Bungee jumping



Sporting and Theatre Events:

Go to an Ireland rugby match at the Aviva Stadium

Go to a Liverpool match at Anfield

Attend a Broadway show – especially Hamilton and Les Miserable

Go to Disneyland/Disney World

Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Visit the Natural History Museum

Natural World:

Go on a real safari

See the Northern Lights

Diving with sharks

Travel the West Highland Way

Walk the Camino de Santiago

What are the experiences you would love to try out? Let us know if there are experiences you think we should try out. We’re always looking for ways to enjoy life more!

Until then, stay safe and keep planning the next adventure!

Brianna and Iain


9 thoughts on “Experiences We’d Like to Try

  1. Done some of these.
    I been to both Broadway and The West End- Wicked on Broadway and Les Mis in The West End
    Now, a lot of them I still didn’t do, but still had some incredible experiences: I actually learned about the Camino in a high school Spanish class. The only pilgrimage I did was The Bristol Pilgrimage.
    I actually went on the Canopy Tour in Costa Rica. Something I thought I would never do. This is world.
    Been to Alaska- think of a cruise, but your boat is actually a tour bus
    Considering the fact I went to NYC- Balto Statue, Natural History Museum, Central Park Zoo, American Girl, Hershey’s= among other things
    The only HP things I did were in London- Platform 9 and 3/4 and going to The Millennium Bridge. My family still needs to go to Universal’s Harry Potter World.
    Been to Disney World- three times
    Things I still want to do:
    1. Like I already said, Harry Potter World
    2. Les Mis in Spanish
    3. Back to England and spend the entire trip in London
    4. Hard to think of other things as of now

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    1. Ah amazing, Iain would love to see Les Mis, they were meant to do a tour this year visiting Dublin which we would have went to! HP World looks amazing, we are hoping to get to London in the near future when things hopefully calm down again in the UK. Thanks for visiting and sharing your experiences.


      1. Les Mis was actually in total seen six times- three times at community college, one time in London, and two with the US Tour.

        I can feel you on the Les Mis tour. I really really wanted to see Anastasia and Frozen, but got postponed. Now my eyes are mostly focused on Hadestown: I feel like the fact that the musical isn’t coming until October 2021 might be an advantage

        At some point, I want to make to England. That time, I may want to spend more in London- did not the full gist the first time. Along with going back to NYC


  2. Your goals are very cool. I hope you are able to check them all once the world is open again. Had a great time kayaking in El Nido, Palawan. The entire island is pretty actually, and you can go sky diving in a nearby island, Cebu. Isn’t that fun? Oh, and I also share wanting to see the Northern lights. Hopefully one day!

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  3. Sound like fun. Good luck with all of your adventures. I spent 2 weeks in Ireland a few years ago and loved it! That crossed one thing off my bucket list, although I’d go back in a minute.


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