September is here and I am pretty excited! Autumn is my favourite time of year. I still cannot believe where this year has gone, it has been flying by. I can;’t believe it is time for another bullet journal set up post.


We really loved this post by Lauren at Bournemouth Girl, the way she sets out her journals to stay organised for the month ahead is really helpful to see. Give it a read and let us know what you think!

After reading this post we sat down and thought that we actually need to be more prepared – previously we had been posting on our blog and social media haphazardly.

We look forward to reading more of her content.

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Brianna and Iain


2 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER BULLET JOURNAL SET UP — Bournemouth Girl

  1. I fall into the haphazard group but deliberately so. To me, blogging is an aspect of my life that I fit around other things. I don’t want it to dominate my everyday existence nor do I want to become someone who posts two and three times a day! Blogging (unless one is using it as work) can become rather as Facebook is to some people, a refuge from real life. I see it as a fun place where I can upload photographs, happy memories of travel and suchlike but with no deadlines.

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    1. Thats so true – we have had a bit of time off work lately and have been able to dedicate more time to our blog. However as you say it would be easy to let it become an escape from life and other responsibilities! Thanks for visiting!


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