Travel Tips for the Time Poor

Loved these tips from Upeksha at – check out their blog for great travel content!

Diary of a Tourist

Time poor – such a loaded phrase. But the fact is, with a full time job,  many of us only have so many days off per year to spend travelling (I’m referring to BC (Before Corona) days, of course). So I try and make the most of my time when I am travelling, and these are few tips I have picked up over the years, to improve the travelling experience. 

Plan, Plan and Plan Some More

The number one rule for making the most of your time when on trip is to do the research beforehand. You don’t have to plan everything down to the last second, but having a rough plan of what you are doing each day will help make the most of your time. Of course, one of the many joys of travel is discovering the unexpected, so keep some “free” days in your itinerary as well.  

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